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Ages: 18 to 25


Leonardo Audio is placing a recording studio for audiobooks and voice acting in Everett. Its CEO, Chris Ciulla, is a 1993 graduate of EHS. Hours are very flexible for this opportunity and can be virtual or hybrid as well as in-person. Leonardo Audio needs employees and interns in the following departments: E-Pub Production (virtual), Audiobook Production/Engineering (on-site), Press/Public Relations (on-site and virtual), Social Media/Marketing (virtual), Graphic Art (virtual), and Video Trailer Creation (virtual). Applicants must be passionate about engineering, journalism, project management, and/or English. On-site responsibilities will include overseeing the recording studio and assisting patrons' recording inquiries and transactions, as well as other responsibilities as assigned by management. Prior work experience of 2-3 years, graduation from Everett High School, and ongoing or completed college education are preferred.

Cost - Free


Roberto Velasquez
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