Campamento de Verano Divertido - Summer Fun Camp!

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Grades: Pre-K to 12th • Co-Ed


Our summer fun virtual camp will include a variety of activities each day.  We will learn new vocabulary at the start of class and phrases to use.  Each day we will complete a new activity, either a virtual clue game, a scavenger hunt, a science project, or an art or craft.  Children will participate by having to tell me what to do, ask what happens when,  and playing guessing games!  They will learn to provide directional vocabulary, state the directions to complete tasks each day, ask question words and more.  The goal is for the children to take the lead by speaking.   They will collaborate and take turns.   Minimal supplies will be needed.   

Virtual Instruction


The fee is $42.50 per registration


Elizabeth Recio-Wentz
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