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El Autocinema – Drive-in Theater Week!

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Grades: Pre-K to 3rd


This week of Spanish camp will provide children an opportunity to learn Spanish words and phrases regarding cars and drive-in theaters! The children will build and paint cars and get ready for our drive-in movie experience on Friday! We will learn to buy and sell drinks, popcorn, and candy at our concession stand for the full Spanish movie experience! The Disney movie will be watched at the end of the week in Spanish and each day we will practice vocabulary through game play that will help the children to understand what is being said in the movie. This week will also include a lot of game play and outdoor activities!

In-Person Instruction


The fee is $165.00 per registration


Elizabeth Recio-Wentz
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St. Monica School 6131 Michigan Rd Indianapolis, Indiana 46228 US

Room #3  - Please enter through the classroom door from the outside in the north parking lot. We will meet directly at the outside classroom door.  The door will be open and a teacher will be present to greet you.  Jennifer Huerta will be our summer camp instructor at St. Monica this summer! She may have an assistant depending on the size of the group.