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Christmas Carol Musicians (BYS)

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Grades: 4th to 8th


The December Brave Youth Society production of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" is in need of musicians. These students will meet with Ms. Bax any Friday we have school from Fall Break until performances are done to learn music to perform during the play. Students will do a variety of percussion instruments and singing (possibly some 'ukulele) before the show, during the show, and at intermission.

Students also need to be able to attend the tech rehearsal which will go from 4-9pm on Wednesday, December 13th and need to be available for both performances on December 14th & 15th (possible performance to be added Saturday, September 16th)

Fee to participate is $20 per student. Financial aid in the form of full scholarships, partial scholarships, and payment plans are available. E-mail Ms. Bax regarding scholarships. Payment can be cash, check (to Emily Bax), or you can e-mail Ms. Bax for her Venmo.

In-Person Instruction

Cost - Free


Emily Bax
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3330 N Pennsylvania St Indianapolis, Indiana 46205 US

Students will dismiss with walkers after school. Ms. Bax or Ms. Warnsby will bring them to the music room. Pick up is at 5pm at Door 1 for rehearsal dates. If you are late your student may be in the building with Ms. Warnsby due to Ms. Bax's children. Information to follow.