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Take Flight In Aviation

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Grades: 6th to 12th


Start your journey HERE, because the sky has no limits! Are you interested in having the best office view in the world?You're in luck, we have just the program for you. NAYR explores STEAM through Science, Technology, Engineering, AVIATION, & Math. We have created an unbelievable curriculum just for your kiddos to engage with! Now is your time to take off with an unforgettable learning experience. This program is specific to students interesting going into flying in any capacity. The students are able to interact with first officers and captains of all sorts. This could be in a commercial plane, private plane, helicopter, drone, or military setting. The students will be given real life problems they will have to come up with a solution for as a team. Students will learn all the basics of the flying components of aviation through basic ground school, simulations, videos, and of course being able to fly a plane on the Saturday of the program. We want to give your child the opportunity to explore our curriculum to its fullest! The curriculum consists of labs, break out sessions, team-building activities, guest speakers, educational projects, peer to peer presentations, educational movies, hands on activities, site visits, and a chance to engage with other kids from around Central Indiana! We believe the sooner you start, the more engaged the students will be in extracurriculars, school, and throughout their childhood! The educated staff have a diverse background to bring the students a once in a life time opportunity. This program allows students several opportunities to discuss with professionals about questions in the STEAM related career fields. The students will be able to attend colleges that offer programming specific to maintenance programing. The biggest highlight of this camp is the ability to meet new friends, learn through experiments, and interact with industry partners. A few of the site visits in the past have been Republic Airways, Heliport, FedEx, Jet Linx, Grace on Wings, and LIFT Academy. Hands on activities can consists of science experiments, worksheets, guest speakers, educational movies and simulator experience! The students will engage with a full time Capt. the entire week and a licensed mechanic. We are excited to meet your kiddos and take them on an adventure they won't forget! 

This opportunity does offer two sessions as listed above. The program runs Monday thru Friday with a celebration on Friday. We require all students to attend the celebration as they will gather their awards and we will provide snacks, ice cream social, and cake to conclude the programming for the week. Students and families will be encouraged to get pictures with Capt. Lynch, founder, and all the planes in the hangar! On Saturday of the program, the students will be able to explore the skies with a 30 min flight on the North side of Indianapolis. The pick up and drop off times are designated to 45-mins before and after stated camp sessions to allow parents, guardians, or others to pick up students from programming. Students will be required to pack their lunch each day of the program. Should you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out directly too: are excited to meet your kiddos and take them on an adventure they won't forget!

In-Person Instruction


The fee is $290.00 per registration


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Vincennes University Aviation Technology Center 2175 S Hoffman Rd Indianapolis, Indiana 46241 US