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Each trip is unique, catered to what your students' are learning in the classroom that's why we believe the most important member of our team is you. Our experienced staff partners with your teachers to design an unforgettable experience that is fun, safe and academically focused for your group.


Where do you want to go? Bright cities, northern lights, or white sand beaches? How about the countryside of a classic novel, or in the footsteps of history? Our expertise ensures your travel goals can be realized, this allows you the trip of a lifetime or sets you on a path for a lifetime of learning through travel.


Homeschool parents and students know that the world is a classroom. Imagine walking the same ground as Civil War soldiers on the Gettysburg battlefield and the American Revolutionaries on the streets of Boston. Discover the inner workings of government from the steps of the United States Capitol and meeting the legislative delegates of your state.