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SHEro Fall Programs


Ages: 6 to 18 Girls Only


SHE Cooks Cooking Class

Math, reading, & other core skills are used to cook. During this lesson SHEroes learn how to follow recipes, measure ingredients, mix things properly, and handle knives. At the end of this session SHEroes prepare a dinner for family, board members, & supporters. Students learn:

·  Food prep skills

·  Etiquette in the kitchen

·  Kitchen safety

SHEroecanics Auto Workshops allow young ladies to learn car basics such as:

·  How to change a tire

·  How to check tire pressure

·  What is an air filter?

·  What to do when your dashboard lights come on?

·  Proper car maintenance

·  How to find quality discounted car maintenance

Self-Defense Course

Young women between the ages of 16-18 are at high threat of being raped and targeted for abusive intimate relationships. Young ladies will learn:

·  Boundary setting

·  De-escalation skills

·  How to physically protect themselves

In-Person Instruction

Cost - Free


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Ieshia Webster-Harris
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