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Chess and Board Game Club

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Mon Grades: 9th to 12th


Chess and Board Game Club is all about fun and learning rolled into one! Students will learn the rules of Chess, other popular board games and Dungeons and Dragons in order to teach necessary skills like : Critical Thinking, Cooperation, Public Speaking, and Advanced Planning.

In-Person Instruction

Cost - Free


We will meet from 4:05 PM to 6:45 PM every Mon starting on 11/13/2022


Elijah Jellison
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Requires Parental Consent
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Shortridge High School 3401 N Meridian St Indianapolis, Indiana 46208 US

room 167. From there, depending on attendance, we may split groups into rm 334 with Ms. Newsom. Please arrive by 4:15 having brought or already eaten your after school snack, as you will not be able to leave to get a snack after this time.