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Ages: 14 to 18


This course follows the AP Computer Science A course outline to prepare students for the AP CS exam. ​The year-long course teaches students Java programming, including object-oriented programming, and basic search and sort algorithms, with emphasis on AP CS exam requirements via rigorous assessments, including practice problems and quizzes.

This course is for students who plan to take the AP CS A exam at the end of the school year. Students who want to learn Java but do not intend to take the AP CS exam should enroll in our Java programming courses.

The price specified is of the "regular" pack, which consists of 1 class per week for four weeks.

You can pick a time of your convenience for these classes.

Skill-level: Beginner

Coding prerequisite: Currently enrolled in AP CS course at a participating school

Device prerequisite: Chromebook or laptop/computer

Standards alignment: K-12 CSTA, ISTE

Virtual Instruction


The fee is $293.00 per registration


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