One:One Coordinate Geometry with Scratch Programming Classes


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Ages: 9 to 10 • Co-Ed


This innovative course introduces students to coordinate geometry and digital platforms such as spreadsheets and Scratch to explore math and coding concepts via games. Students learn the basics of the Cartesian plane, explore the classification and hierarchy of 2D shapes and solve real-world problems involving coordinates, two-dimensional shapes, associated mensuration, length and distance measurement and units and fraction operations.

The course teaches coding, computational thinking and design thinking to take the engagement and outcome of learning math to the next level.

The price specified is of the "regular" pack, which consists of 1 class per week for four weeks.

You can pick a time of your convenience for these classes.

Skill-level: Knowledge of Grade 4 Math

Coding skill-level: Beginner

Device prerequisite: Chromebook or laptop/computer

Standards alignment: K-12 CSTA, ISTE, Common Core Math, TEKS

Virtual Instruction


The fee is $293.00 per registration


Smita Shrivastava
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