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Ages: 9 to 14 • Co-Ed


Students use websites everyday. Whizara’s website design course unravels how websites are created using HTML/CSS. Students learn to format content and style the appearance of the content using HTML tags and CSS style elements as they create their own personalized websites.

Students further appreciate the aesthetics associated with website design and learn the significance of responsive designs as they create well formatted websites with organized content offering a pleasant browsing experience. 

The price specified is of the "regular" pack, which consists of 1 class per week for four weeks.

You can pick a time of your convenience for these classes.

Skill-level: Beginner

Coding prerequisite: None

Device prerequisite: Chromebook or laptop/computer

Standards alignment: K-12 CSTA, ISTE

Virtual Instruction


The fee is $293.00 per registration


Smita Shrivastava
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