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Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu Ages: 14 to 21


Q: When is the Streets University Summer Camp?

A: The Core Tech & Enterprise Development Workshop Sessions take place two days per week from June to August, and continues until school starts back up in the Fall. Access to the internet and laptops are available onsite, and can be checked-out for formal class & workshops offsite; if needed.

Q: Where do program activities take place?

A: Workshops are scheduled to take place at the main IBSA office or a pre-determined nonprofit partner location. An opportunity to reach youth in other cities may also exist, and as such, we are constantly seeking tech company employees to serve as Advisors to our students, local companies to provide Internships, and businesses or nonprofit organizations that may offer Part-time Employment or Fee-for-Service opportunities when possible.

Students take field trips to visit and tour local small businesses, major corporations & nonprofit agencies, they will hear from guest speakers and also participate in other team-building activities with peers involved in IBSA programs and those of our Partner Organizations.

Q: Is it really free?

A: This program is NOT FREE. There is a one-time program fee of $250.00 but scholarships and program fee waivers are available to motivated youth supported by concerned adults in their life.

Also, transportation and meals during the program are normally not provided or made available by program staff. Students may be eligible for a free Bus Pass during the summer (City Limits Only) for travel to and from the program or relate activities. Details for this program will be shared after acceptance and during orientation.

Q: Is there a GPA requirement?

A: No. GPA is NOT used in our selection process. We may collect GPA data from students that graduate any Streets University Workshop that leads to increased competency or some industry-recognized certifications for our own statistical purpose or as required by funders & donors..

Q: What programming languages will be taught?

A: This is not a program to learn ‘code’ although we both encourage and coach those interested into learning the basics of HTML & CSS. We hope students will become curious enough to look into additional programming languages; if interested. Workshops and individual work activity provides instruction on using the WordPress Platform for purposes of creating online profiles for sponsoring businesses & nonprofits. Student who successfully complete workshops and assignments will become comfortable creating quality website profiles for disadvantaged small businesses & nonprofits in our online directory’s using WordPress.

Q: I already know how to code. Am I eligible?

A: YES. You can benefit from StreetsU if you have these kind of skills already. Send any inquiries to StreetsU Admissions, if you have questions.

Q: When will I know if I was accepted into the summer program?

A: Once the application process closes in May, there is a selection period. All students who are accepted into the program will receive notifications before the end of the month.

Q: Will there be a waiting list?

A: YES. More students are always expected to qualify for the program than we can accept.

Q: Is this program only for Black youth? I’m not Black; does that mean I’m not eligible?

A: NO Streets University Initiative is designed to inspire ‘tech-preneurship‘ and to provide each student with an enterprise development mindset. ALL Young People can be part of being the change we want to see in society and specifically in their own local community.

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Online Learning: Better Reading Comprehension & Writing Skills

At IBSA, Inc., we welcome all low-income youth; regardless of ethnicity to join in on our programs, services & activities. So be encouraged to apply. No youthful & inquiring mind is ever turned away!

Cost - Free


We will meet from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM every Mon, Tue, Wed, & Thu starting on 1/31/2024


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