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[EASEL '23] Lindley 6th Grade Academy

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Tue Grade: 6th




Live2Create Foundation Network, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to promote the social, emotional, cultural, economic, and spiritual wellbeing of underserved students using the arts. It’s generally recognized that the arts play a major role in the development of students' wellbeing and offer a safe place for them to express themselves freely, build confidence and esteem, and tackle various social and life situations without judgment.

At Live2Create, we believe the arts in and of itself are therapeutic and something internally happens when you engage in the creative process, whether that’s healing, understanding, acceptance, freedom, or just simply experiencing who you are and who you were created to be.



ARC® is an afterschool expressive arts social emotional learning program focused on 6 core areas of development: Identity (I), Belief (Can), Capability (Do), Behavior (It), Environment (Here), and Spirituality (Purpose) to increase social and emotional wellbeing, academic scores and attendance, graduation rates and college admission, confidence and self-esteem, and a strong sense of personal identity and motivation to accomplish life goals.

Our major goal is to see students become successful adults, ready for college and/or a career in the arts; not just problem free, but responsible, contributing, mentally healthy adults in society who experience life satisfaction and a sense of purpose and meaning.


Cultural Exposure Experiences to Studios, Galleries, and Museums

Mentoring / Access to Industry Professionals

Workshops / Events / Online Classes

Online Community / Coaching & Training

Giveaways / Scholarships

Showcases / Awards / Celebrations

Local / Regional / National / International Opportunities



Success embodies the demonstration of authenticity, resilience, and confidence, regardless of the environment or the behavior of others. Success looks like knowing your purpose in life, having the tenacity to overcome difficulty and maximize potential, and continuing to practice healthy behaviors that positively influence self, others, and the world.


Values Integration

Industry Teaching Artists

Cultural Relevance & Sensitivity

Individual Attention

21st Century Skills

High Quality Standards

Experiential Learning


In-Person Instruction


  • 1 payment of $35.00 , or
  • 10 payments of $35.00 every two weeks starting today


We will meet from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM every Tue starting on 10/17/2022


Amy McIntosh
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1550 Pebble Brook Cir Mableton, Georgia 30126 US

Media Center. Pick up or drop off at the front of the school.