No networking required

Your activity promoted to schools, without the work.

We’ll not only give you access to a network of schools, we’ll actively promote you to schools. By getting you in front of more schools, we provide students with additional opportunities to find an activity they’ll love. Everyone wins.

Expand access to the
schools you can teach in

Let us help you increase your activity provider revenue

Your time should be spent on your program, not networking and cold calling schools. Once approved, you’ll have access to a network of schools who are actively searching for new activity providers.

With AfterSchool HQ, providers can also:

Homepage for your
activity or team

When you sign up with AfterSchool HQ, all you have to do is answer a few questions, and you’ll have your very own custom activity homepage. Students and parents will be able to learn more about and sign up for your activity in one place.

Create subscription
plans for activities

Does your activity involve an ongoing fee? We make it easy to collect payment each month so you don’t have to use valuable time tracking receivables.

Why use AfterSchool HQ?


Empty sign-up forms, unread emails, scheduling providers and rooms, collecting payments. There is a lot that goes into running just one afterschool program.

After a 30 minute onboarding to the software, AfterSchool HQ is ready to start working for you. Parents can sign up, select programs for their students to join, and pay any fees without any major coordination from the school.

Huge Impact,
Zero Cost

There shouldn’t be a barrier to quality afterschool programming. That’s why AfterSchool HQ is completely free for schools.

The benefit on students, schools, and the community is too great to ignore. When students are given the chance to succeed, everyone succeeds.

More Money,
Fewer Problems

With funding based on test scores and student attendance, schools can’t afford to ignore the impact of afterschool activities on both factors.

When schools have more money to spend, there are more resources available to focus on giving students the best possible educational experience.