Quickly create & publish
enrollment forms

New activities can be created and available for enrollment in as little as 3 minutes.

No more time wasted on building custom forms for each activity. With AfterSchool HQ, you can quickly create and publish enrollment forms that work for any range of programs.

Without having to wait for and collect paper forms, both schools and providers are able to anticipate attendance ahead of time.

Instantly accept
online payments

No more lost checks and loose change.

With AfterSchool HQ you no longer have to wait for payments. Rather than holding seats for students who haven’t paid, quickly accept payment using credit cards or Paypal and reserve seats for those who pay first.

Smart waiting lists
keep classes full

Allow everyone who enrolls to see how many seats are available in real time.

When an activity is filled, a waiting list will form in order of enrollment time. Students on the waiting list are automatically notified when a seat opens up. AfterSchool HQ allows schools and providers to easily add a student to an activity if a student drops out or you decide to add more seats.

With AfterSchool HQ, schools can also:

Message all
parents instantly

Are you using multiple tools to communicate with your students? Between lost flyers and buried emails, there’s a good chance parents could miss important updates and information. AfterSchool HQ allows you to Login and send a message to all - or just one - parent in one simple tool.

attendance reports

Tracking progress with your afterschool activities has never been easier. By taking attendance with AfterSchool HQ, both schools and activity providers are able to track and view reports on demand per activity or performance per student.

Lottery enrollment

Want to offer a lottery instead of enrollment by first come first serve? Simply allow students to pick the activities they want and have them rank their preferences. Then, when enrollment is closed, run a lottery to place your students in each activity.

Why use AfterSchool HQ?


Empty sign-up forms, unread emails, scheduling providers and rooms, collecting payments. There is a lot that goes into running just one afterschool program.

In less than 10 minutes, AfterSchool HQ is ready to start working for you. Parents can sign up, select programs for their students to join, and pay any fees without any major coordination from the school.

Huge Impact,
Zero Cost

There shouldn’t be a barrier to quality afterschool programming. That’s why AfterSchool HQ is completely free for schools.

The benefit on students, schools, and the community is too great to ignore. When students are given the chance to succeed, everyone succeeds.

More Money,
Fewer Problems

With funding based on test scores and student attendance, schools can’t afford to ignore the impact of afterschool activities on both factors.

When schools have more money to spend, there are more resources available to focus on giving students the best possible educational experience.