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Changing the face of education by changing the mindsets of students and culture inside school buildings!

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Serving Kindergarten - 12th Grade • Co-Ed


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Five Star Life has a simple philosophy and solution to change the face of education. In order to truly move the needle, we must target the root of the educational crisis. At the core of every person’s success or failure is a mental and emotional operating system we call a mindset. Until public schools target and help students shift their mindsets, we will continue to fail! Students do not drop out of school, join gangs, and waste their lives because they do not have the capacity, but rather because no one has taught them how to think!

We accomplish this by providing schools with a variety of academic, leadership, and character programming that addresses the sources of negative mindsets. These programs include: our proprietary Video Curriculum for Classrooms, our afterschool program, as well as Leadership Camps and Day Trips at Summit.

For the past twelve years, our curriculum has helped thousands of students shift their mindset, which has resulted in students going from chronic academic failure to honor roll. By partnering with schools throughout the country, we have helped as many as 80% of entire school populations raise their GPA or maintain a 3.0 or above. We have worked with schools that have decreased the number of discipline referrals by as much as 70%. Research shows that students who participate in Five Star Life see academic increases, better school attendance, and less behavioral issues.


This program attacks the problem on the forefront of every educator’s mind… student engagement. Our curriculum has helped thousands of students shift their mindset, which has resulted in students going from chronic academic failure to honor roll. Our curriculum is character education, social and emotional learning, climate building, and peer mentoring, all wrapped into one package.


This program focuses on academic, character, and leadership development in a fun and challenging environment. Placed on teams with students and “Coaches”, our Core Values are instilled into students week after week, challenging them to take the lessons they have learned and use them in real life… this causes a shift in mindset for students and a culture change in schools!


Through workforce readiness workshops, assisting with the afterschool program, and making a commitment to focus on academics, we are able to bridge the gap from middle school to high school and help students continue on their path to success!


These programs give students a chance to practice what they have learned throughout the year in an experiential way that extends beyond the school building at Summit. Students are presented with opportunities to put their leadership skills to test through leadership experiences. Each experience is considered a classroom and is tied to the curriculum so students are learning through experience with very intentional steps!


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