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The Aviation Education 4 Kids Workshop


We provide motivation, inspiration, and education though aviation. ✈

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Youth inspiration Nation has designed an aviation program for primarily 5th - 8th grade students. Every seven weeks, ten young aviators per class will attend The Aviation Education 4 Kids Workshop. Our workshop uses descriptive video instruction, STEM models, aviation games, virtual reality space walks and planetary visits, as well as static and full motion flight simulators to teach kids about the basic principles of aviation. By the time our workshop comes to a close, our young aviators will have picked up math, physics, communication, and navigational skills that any flight instructor would be proud of. We teach our students how to, "Make the Skies Their Playground!" ✈

Youth Inspiration Nation gives kids a place to go directly after class, and the opportunity to experience a powerful after-school aviation program that stimulates the mind and gives education a purpose. We’ve had kids tell us that they thought that aviation was something that was too far out of their reach. Kids need something in their lives that can truly show them that anything is possible if you approach it with hard work, passion, and purpose. One thing is for sure, our students will never look at the sky the same way again! ✈


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