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Center for Leadership Development (CLD) has been transforming the lives of African American youth for more than 40 years by preparing students for the highest academic, college, career and life success. Through Indianapolis Youth Development programs and services, minority students are taught to develop multiple character traits including self-love, self-confidence, discipline, selflessness, dedication, hope, resilience and respect for self and others.

CLD is making a real difference in the lives of minority youth. Because of CLD’s strong focus and emphasis on hard work and high achievement, 77 percent of CLD participants report enrolling in some institution of post-secondary learning. Moreover, 46 percent of CLD participants who attend college earn a college degree. By comparison, only 25 percent of Indiana’s African American college students in publicly supported institutions earn a bachelor’s degree in six years. This level of impact on youth affirms the success and need for CLD’s mission and programs.


2425 Doctor M.L.K. Jr St Indianapolis, Indiana 46208 US