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Day Early Learning

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Building confidence for kindergarten and beyond.

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At Day Early Learning, we take a holistic approach to your child’s care and education.

Everything we do is aimed at nurturing each child’s social, emotional and educational needs. Our ultimate goal is not only to prepare your child for kindergarten, but also to inspire a lifelong learning journey.

And that’s exactly what learning is at our centers—a journey. Your child will be an active participant in their education, spending time both in enriching classrooms and outdoors exploring the world. Each Day Early learning student gains knowledge through hands-on experiences that spark playful curiosity and meaningful growth.

We will ensure that your child learns at a level that is appropriate for his or her age and development. Each classroom is staffed with a lead teacher, a teaching assistant and a staff-to-child ratio that ensures a great deal of one-on-one attention.

Well-educated and trained teachers ensure that your child will be in the best hands possible. Our staff benefit from ongoing professional development, support for additional degree attainment and classroom coaching. And our curriculum is aligned with the early childhood Foundations laid out by the Indiana Department of Education.


Indianápolis, Indiana US