You have great afterschool programs. Let’s make them work better.

AfterSchool HQ helps schools streamline processes, so afterschool programs run smoothly.

Say hello to increased parent engagement and goodbye to flyers and extra paperwork

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Connect & Build

Strengthen relationships between your school, program providers, teachers, parents, and students. 

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Parent questions, registrations, and payments are handled so your staff can get more done.

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Parents receive timely communication via text or email.

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Chart Progress

Track student participation, attendance, total hours of additional education, and overall impact.

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Sports, clubs, and field trips

No more flyers or permissions slips. No need for teachers and staff members to collect cash or checks. It's all online.

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Activate your school community

Parents go to your new activity homepage to find, register, and pay for programs quickly and easily.

We have everything to make afterschool simpler and more effective


Academic Performance

Studies show students do better in math, reading, and more

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Students who are engaged are more likely to attend school regularly

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Sense of Belonging

Students are more likely to find their tribe and feel connected to peer groups

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Parent Involvement

Parents are more likely to visit school for special programs, which give the school more support

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Student Behavior

Students who have fun and engaging programs to look forward to are more likely to improve behavior

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School Climate & Culture

School culture is improved as students and parents look forward to returning year after year

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