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Patachou Foundation Inc.

Addressing hunger's root causes, providing innovative solutions beyond meals.

About Patachou Foundation Inc.



Cultivate opportunity for youth by amplifying the value and power of food.


The Patachou Foundation is an anti-hunger organization that goes beyond serving gap-filling meals to make a deep and lasting impact by addressing the root causes of hunger to provide innovative hunger solutions. 


Nearly 80% of kids attending the schools The Patachou Foundation serves live at or below poverty and are faced with daily food insecurity and hunger. Indianapolis is ranked worst in the nation for access to fresh foods, so even if resources are available, access to fresh food is not. Indianapolis area schools are not equipped with working ovens or functioning kitchens. Federally funded food programs typically fall short, leaving kids with only processed, unhealthy food choices. Many children go home to empty cupboards and empty refrigerators. For most of the children The Patachou Foundation serves, the pre-packaged school breakfasts and lunches are the only guaranteed meals of the day. The lack of quality food access negatively impacts school attendance, behavior in and out of school, and overall health.


4565 Marcy Ln Indianapolis, Indiana 46205 US