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Remotely is the premier remote learning service, which provides families and schools with a safe, structured environment for their students to learn remotely, under the guidance of a professional.

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Serving Pre-K - 8th Grade • Co-Ed


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Remotely is a startup tech education company being incubated by Crossroads Education and NEXT Studios. Our main service is to provide Learning Pods to families who need assistance with remote learning management. Learning Pods are small groups of students who meet in-person to complete their remote learning classes and homework with the assistance of a professional Learning Pod Coach. The pod coach supports the learning of the students by managing remote learning requirements, facilitating schedules and working closely with the parents or guardians to create a safe and social atmosphere where remote learning can be as effective as possible. Our goal is to create autonomous learners who excel academically, but also socially and emotionally during this pandemic and beyond.


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