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Vibe Tribe University

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Fostering personal development and wellness through edu-tainment, culture, community, and service.

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Vibe Tribe University (VTU) is an personal wellness and education organization and platform. Our mission is to provide assistance to individuals seeking inner-peace, emotional healing, improved financial literacy, higher self-awareness, and spiritual alignment through educational and developmental curriculum, service opportunities, and frameworks designed to facilitate internal growth and personal development. We work with regional and national organizations, colleges and universities, and small-businesses to facilitate self-paced learning and development. Our members have access to in-person and online training programs, wellness plans, courses, webinars, and a team of coaches, trainers, and therapists available to guide their completion of the VTU programs.

VTU’s initiatives involve reducing the negative impact that anxiety, depression, and a lack of financial education has on the mental and emotional health of underrepresented minorities within the Black and Brown communities. We offer resources such as the E.S.A.P. Personal Development Program and Emotional Intelligence Training to help foster mental, physical, and emotional productivity and well-being.

Vibe Tribe University offers the opportunity for students to explore their interests and develop skills that will help them succeed in the classroom, workforce, personal relationships and in life. From career planning to networking events, VTU offers something for every student between the ages of 14-22, young adults 22+, and adults. Our commitment to raising mental health awareness and spiritual understanding is an invaluable asset for our members. Our range of services provide members with the tools necessary to build a brighter future.


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