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Money Smart Financial Literacy Program for Adults Workshop Series


Sat Ages: 23 to 60


(This registration is for adults age 23+)

Why Choose Our Money Smart Program?

Join Mindset Coach Kenny B Speaks and Vibe Tribe University for the Money Smart Financial Literacy Program for Adults. Our financial literacy program provides participants a golden opportunity to identify personal goals related to their finances. With our financial literacy workshops we establish a strong foundation of financial literacy that will support you in achieving various life goals like savings for large purchases, retirement, achieving stable cash flow management, and using debt financing responsibly to reduce tax burdens, estate planning, and running a business.

To get the desired outcomes, we follow the best education standard, which includes Standards in Mathematics and English Language Arts. We always ensure that our program meets every participant's needs. This is your one-stop shop to enhance your financial knowledge and take online and in-person financial literacy classes. 

Money Smart is a diverse program curated to enrich students’ financial literacy learning experience in an entertaining and engaging way. With the Money Smart program we aim to boost your knowledge about money management and financial planning that can help you budget, spend, invest, and save money responsibly. The financial skills gained in this course will arm you with the confidence needed to succeed in life, regardless of your personal setbacks and current circumstances.

Adults: Modules are designed to address goal setting, financial statements, careers, saving and investing, credit and loans, insurance and retirement planning.

Course Synopsis

  • Each lesson promotes real-world connections through student-centered learning experiences and aligns to the Common Core State Standards.

  • Participant Guides come with handouts, worksheets, and resources that allow students to explore the topics covered in each lesson and immediately apply their new knowledge in day-to-day financial decision making.

  • Each course comes with presentation sides, challenge exercises, and reflective prompts to support the activity in each lesson, as well as fill-in charts to support the activities in each lesson.

  • Each participant will receive a guide complete with information about topics being covered in class, conversation starters, online accessible and literary sources, and family activities to try together.

Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion at the completion of the program as a reminder of the financial education and investment you've made into yourself and bettering your financial future.

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In-Person Instruction


  • 1 payment of $179.99 , or
  • 3 payments of $60.00 every month starting today


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