AfterSchool HQ introduces easy, online platform to register students for summer programming in Indianapolis 

Parents will now have access to over 200 summer youth programs on one, easy-to-use platform.

INDIANAPOLIS – March 24, 2022 – AfterSchool HQ announced it has partnered with the Marion County Commission on Youth (MCCOY) to help manage their Indy Youth Summer Programs promotion and sign up through a web-based platform. Parents will now have access to over 200 summer youth programs across Indianapolis in a centralized, online location. The partnership will monitor and track summer program activities with the hope of increasing participation by making it easier for families to find programs and register. Indy Summer Youth Programs give Marion County kids and teens summer programming, including sports, arts and culture, youth employment, nutrition, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

“MCCOY is a powerful asset in our city, and has led the important work of promoting summer youth programming for our families and students. Indy’s families can choose from over 200 programs because of their work,” said San Pathak, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at AfterSchool HQ. “Our platform will help them track all of these programs and facilitate easy registration in a centralized location, making it easier for families to find program options. User-friendly technology can increase participation in out-of-school activities by eliminating the barrier of receiving pamphlets or program books in the mail, which ultimately gets lost in the household shuffle.”
MCCOY oversees the Indy Summer Youth Programs website and it is supported by the Summer Youth Program Fund (SYPF), a partnership of nine area charitable funders that provide grants in support of organizations offering access to summer activities for children and youth in Marion County. The purpose of the SYPF is to supplement existing programs in order to enrich, enhance, and expand summer offerings for children and youth. Indy Summer Youth Programs provide safe spaces to study, read, learn, connect with friends, play sports, and engage in emotional and educational enrichment. Many Indy Summer Youth Programs also offer free or low-cost enrollment options, scholarship opportunities, and healthy meals and snacks.

“Parents want to make sure they can provide their children with a fun, safe, and rewarding summer experience but often don’t know where to find the programs they desire,” John Brandon, MCCOY Inc.’s president stated. “ MCCOY is pleased to work with Afterschool HQ to provide one place where parents can go to search for the right fit and register their child or children. For a busy parent, Afterschool HQ and the Indy Summer Youth Programs site fits the bill.”

Afterschool HQ and MCCOY piloted their partnership in March 2021 and have already received over 12,000 visits on the platform. Program providers anticipate a smooth transition for new parent users. Find the summer programs you need by visiting the website


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With the mission of engaging students in activities that ignite their passions, AfterSchool HQ (AHQ) provides an online platform that connects students with programs, both virtual and in their community. For activity programs, AHQ offers management tools to create a free profile, promote activities, enroll students, communicate with parents, and more. And for parents, the database of programs provides a central location to discover, register, and even pay for activities for their children. By supporting both programs and parents, AfterSchool HQ works to cultivate exceptional learning opportunities for all students, everywhere.

About Marion County Commission on Youth

Marion County Commission On Youth, Inc.(MCCOY) is our community’s youth services intermediary, working to strengthen the programs and individuals supporting the positive development of all our youth with the goal that every young person will have equitable access to the supports and opportunities needed to achieve life success.

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